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Why I’m back..

Does language matters..??  Yes.. But I won’t blame you if you had thought the otherway.. I’ve been blogging in Malayalam only for some time, though the frequency was too bad.. (against what standards, huh?)

Still firm on my advocacy towards using my mother tongue aka natural language as much as possible, I agree to the fullest degree that English is a language which you can’t deny or turn your back against.. In fact I never had turned against it.. It was just because the ignorant negligence which many of my friends and contemporary Malayalees (read as my contemporaries in school/college/work) exhibited towards Malayalam that prompted me to deliberately avoid using English words and jargon wherever possible..

Time has come to say to the world with confidence that I’ve retained my control over my language.. yes my language.. and thus it is ok to start writing in and using English more than what I’ve been doing these days.. And it resulted in this blog..  Krishnapaksham..  don’t get confused with the paksham as in the lunar month… Since I’m partial in many ways to many views/ideologies etc. I can’t claim to be impartial.. and don’t expect an impartial balanced rhetoric from me..




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