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The party that is Congress

It’s the 125th anniversary of the Indian National Congress. On this occassion a few questions related to the way the party operates.. Well known facts but not very often debated with deserved seriousness. Many a times the people ( voters), media and sometimes even the adversaries tend to overlook these deficiencies in the operational system of India’s Grand Old Party. They have set it as the standard for Congress and considers anything above this level as ‘very good’ and at the same time conveniently ignores the current state.

Transparency and Congress will never go together. Forget about that party and it’s decision making being transparent to people like me who are totally outsiders but what about insiders?

Are they aware of the decision making process or the people who really take decisions?

How many of the ‘devotees’ know what constitutes the so called “High Command”?

How many Congressmen has counted the number of times the Congress Working Committee has met during the last one year or so. (in theory CWC is supposed to be the highest policy/decision making body of the party).

Have you ever heard a speech by the party president which you can guarantee as written by herself? I’m not talking about those ‘readings’ from an elevated platform.

Being a party with a loosely organized cadre, what is the source of huge amount of money it spent during general elections held earlier this year?(500 cr is the amount allegedly spent by the party). I hope no one will tell me that the whole amount was collected from public.

How can one expect this party with extreme centralization tendencies to drive India towards better living standards for which decentralized administration is the golden rule?

The winning formula for the congress:
1. The residue of fuedal era in the minds of many Indians and the resulting blind belief towards anyone from the Nehru family.
2. The presence of a Hindu fundamentalist opposition.
3. The financial support from corporates which on most occassions are under-the-table transactions.
Anything else???

It was never the intention of this post to discuss the policy pursued by the party even though there are areas of differences. Rather the focus was on the operational ambiguities and opaqueness which an Indian citizen should be worried about, for the Congress is still the ruling party of the country.

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3 thoughts on “The party that is Congress

  1. Interesting read Bijin!
    Well I guess operational ambiguities are a norm in the indian political system and is indeed a cause for concern for the voting public. However the resurgence of the the Congress Party after a kind of decline a decade ago, along with playing the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty card on the sentimental Indian psyche and other two ‘winning formula’ as you said is also due to another skill renewal from its glorious days under Nehru- conscious adaptation of its oppoponents’ policies!!In the present case shuffling closer to BJP’s national security and foreig policy (re-introduction of POTA in 2004, strong alliance to America’s so called ‘ War on terror’ and the tough stand against Pakistan following the Mumbai attack), pro-Dalit policies from the BSP and some of the acclaimed pro-poor economic strategies such as the NREG scheme under pressure from the Left. Though this strategy works to win elections ensuing delivery of their own consistent policies is altogether a different story that we continue to witness as mute spectators!!!

    Posted by Fathima Tariq | January 5, 2010, 3:03 am
    • Fathima,
      Even more interesting is your observation of “conscious adaptation of opponents’ policies” !!! Good point.. Thanks for the read, comment and that fantastic observation.. One factual error I would like to point out : In 2004 POTA was repealed (not re-introduced) by UPA.

      Posted by Bijin | January 5, 2010, 6:05 am
  2. Thanks for pointing out the error..POTA was repealed in 2004 but something similar in line has been introduced in the recent past if I am not mistaken.
    Anyways, you have a good blog going here..Congrats!!

    Posted by Fathima Tariq | January 5, 2010, 12:26 pm

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